100 hits…. Well, perhaps it is a popular blog post then

I am really enjoying my blogging and I’m still really new to it all. Writing the stuff for my posts is so much fun, but I’m surprised at how much I enjoy looking at how people find my blog and what they are all reading.

Today, for the first time, one of my posts reached 100 hits. It may be a small achievment, but it’s good to see that ‘One Life’ is entertaining some readers out there. So, the most popular post on my blog (to date) is all about Englishness and how well they are understood.

Looking through the statistics on WordPress I am amazed to see what people are searching for online. I looked at the stats for the ‘Search Engine’ results and these are the three things that bring most people to my blog:

  1. blenders
  2. mouse
  3. hrh the queen

Ok, admittedly I have written about all three of those things at one point, but for them to be the most popular is bizarre. The weirdest things searched for, which brought someone to ‘One Life’ were these:

  • chocolate harmfulness


  • dodgy good enough

I love them. Thank you to whoever you were. I have no idea what you really wanted to find online.

So, bloggers? What should I be writing about next? Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “100 hits…. Well, perhaps it is a popular blog post then

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