Have you ever been stuck in a lift (elevator)?

If you have ever been stuck in a lift or elevator (or whatever you call it) then you will understand exactly how I felt. Last weekend, in Spain, I got stuck in a lift with five friends. The door suddenly smashed shut behind me and nothing happened. It was comical to begin with…. After a while (and after no response to the alarm button being repeatedly pressed) it started to be a little less funny. We escaped – finally. This is how it all happened. I kept a little log on my iPhone notes…. I had a little time to kill.

Stuck in the lift. It’s 21:32 and we’ve just got stuck in the lift.

6 people in a small lift, it’s 1 metre squared!!

Next came the best quote from my friend – “The door shut like a nun’s knickers”.

It’s funny, we’ve taken a few pictures and have giggled.

Our experience has now been posted onto Facebook (over 40 responses to Mel’s update….and counting).

It’s now 22:19 and we’re still stuck!!!!

Yes, I’m thinking about my blog as we’re stuck.

Our apartment block in Barcelona is quite new. There are not many guests and the security people have clearly gone home. Nobody an hear the alarm and thank god two of us have our mobiles with us.

22:25 – Time to sit down… Sitting down was a real squash and squeeze. It was a good job we were good friends. There was a lot of contact!

Sue (to Bas) “Don’t ask where your foot is”

Bas (replied) “My foot knows where it is”.

Will we ever get out??????????

Freed at 22:28. 1 hour in a lift on a Saturday night! We haven’t eaten yet…… (starving!)

We named ourselves The Barcelona Six. It seemed quite appropriate.

6 thoughts on “Have you ever been stuck in a lift (elevator)?

  1. LOL. I was stuck in an elevator once when I was younger. I was in a medical building and it was close to closing time. I was scared to death that I’d be stuck there all night. I was freed after about an hour and a half but I still get nervous every time I step into one.

    • Thanks for the comment. Getting stuck in a lift can be an awful experience. When I was 8 I got stuck in a lift in Menorca and I was alone. It tooks ages to get out and when they opened the doors I was stuck between floors. I remember seeing the brickwork and it freaked me out.
      I didn’t in a lift for years! I was only when I was 20 that I dared get into another lift. It can takes years to get over an experience like that. I was amazed that I stayed so calm this time – it must have been because I was with friends.

  2. You made it actually sound fun….and definitely funny! I would be mortified. I’m frightened of lifts/elevators. I love the “The door shut like a man’s knickers.” Priceless.

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