Spanish adverts (commercials) are seriously damaging my health.

Spanish TV is unreal. During our weekend break in Barcelona I sat with my group of friends relaxing in front of the TV. We watched a film (dubbed in Spanish but we didn’t mind). We were exhausted from our first touristy day out. The adverts came on (the commercial break to American readers). At first we laughed at the general ‘theme’ of the ads, but then we realised that the Spanish have ‘a thing’ for two themes……. Sex and illnness (in no particular order).

Almost every advert was related to sex or illness. It was unbelievable. I made a list for you all. Here goes:

  • Ear spray (the ad was way too graphic),
  • Cough medicine,
  • ‘Female’ cream (that’s about as much as I want to say…. Well that and the fact that this ad included a girl saying “Mummy, I don’t itch anymore!”),
  • Cold remedy,
  • Condoms advertised with ‘playing’ in the fields,
  • ‘Strepsils’ for your throat (“All major holes seem to be catered for in this break” said one of my friends),
  • Dandruff shampoo.

Are the Spanish on some illness scare….? And more….now it’s:

  • Rectal cream for piles… (delightful viewing),
  • Now risotto, but they’re advertising it with a couple getting ‘at it’ on the kitchen floor,
  • Breast milk? I don’t know what it was advertising,
  • More cold stuff…. A hot drink to soothe your throat,
  • Now cleaning product for your kitchen.

 I’m worried about stepping outside!!!! Spain must be under quarantine by now.

  •  More cold tablets….

Oh, it never stops.

Cartoon taken from (A great site, take a look).

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