A flight to remember.

Boarding an EasyJet Airbus A319

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Just got back from a great weekend in Barcelona (Spain). It was eventful and enjoyable. The flight to Barcelona itself was not without drama (That’s always a sign that the weekend will be one to talk about for months to come).

There was an announcement early on for a passenger named ‘whatever’ (I can’t remember what exactly, but it’s an unimportant detail) to make himself known. The guy sitting front of me was that very man. He made himself known and was clearly embarrassed….He’d lost his passport while boarding. With all the swapping of bags and coats (the overhead lockers were “too full”) he discovered that someone had moved his coat and bag and was now rather unimpressed! Next began his complaining. I watched in mild amusement as he tried to make his point. The cabin crew could not have looked more disinterested if they tried.

Just after take-off we (my friends and I) were politely requested ‘banned’ from drinking our wine, which we’d purchased in the terminal. We hadn’t planned on breaking any rules and we hadn’t even started drinking yet (ok, perhaps a few sips). That’s not good when there’s a two-hour flight to enjoy. Apparently easyJet do NOT allow you to drink your pre-purchased drink on board even though in the terminal it showed that you could ‘Grab and Go’ (they clearly expect you just to look at your purchase) grrrrrrr.

The flight was great fun, however it must be said that the cabin crew were rather too orange (clothes and make-up) and one looks suspiciously male (although she was called Becky). What was that short for? Brian?

The passengers sitting next to me (yes, I knew them) were frantically flicking through gossip magazines and discussing circumcision of all subjects….. Oh help me! How was I meant to focus on reading my book or writing notes for this blog with that ‘talk’ going on in my ear.

The next joyful moment was when the 4-person-strong queue of people standing waiting for the toilet next to me appeared. Oh joy! Why did I end up picking seats on the last row on this easyJet flight? Glamour this was NOT!

Ten-minutes of turbulence followed! It was quite severe but we luckily stayed airborne. That was a relief. The air stewardesses…(how politically incorrect I know)….had just started eating the left over, un-purchased in-flight meals. Perhaps I should refer to this as the ‘perks of the job’. One came back, after going to tell everyone to get their seat-belts fastened, and told her colleagues that she had “had to use her stern face”. Classic! She said it with such pride.  

Next……More turbulence! What fun!

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