STAY and watch or LEAVE the room? The dilemma I face.

This is not my cleaner. She looks happy enough doing her job. (Please note: If I could have found a good enough picture of a male vacuuming then I would have chosen it).

I have a cleaner. No, I’m not too lazy to clean (There are some friends who would disagree with this statement). I don’t particularly dislike cleaning…………..(sssh, I said it quietly and I don’t think my partner heard). When it comes to cleaning though it’s just far more satisfying to have someone else DO it for you (or me in this case).

The truth of the matter is that I had a cleaner (and a very good one at that). It’s a long story as to why I don’t have a cleaner for my house anymore and one which I may tell another time.

In my line of work (teaching) we have cleaners who ‘save’ our rooms at the end of each day. I couldn’t survive without them. Gold dust!!! I was emailing at the of the day today when the cleaners came in and started vacuuming. It happens daily when I have that thought, ‘Should I leave the room?’, ‘Should I say “Oh don’t do that, let me help”?’ I did neither. I sat, and shamelessly continued emailing while humming to myself while the room transformed around me. Working with three and four-year olds, my room really takes a bashing! Sand, paper and mess everywhere!

At home it was a slightly different matter. When my cleaner used to come over and spruce the place up every two weeks she would whizz around and do a fab job. I remember when we first got her we would avoid being in the house at all costs. It felt ‘naughty’ to be in the house with someone else doing all the hard work.

It didn’t take me long to lose the guilt and soon I was on my laptop, sitting on the sofa watching the cleaner wipe units and shelves. How rewarding. I was paying the wage after all. I did have that awful thought when she brought the vacuum into the lounge. ‘Should I sit and watch her vacuum the room?’ It would mean lifting my legs so that she could reach under the sofa….. NO, that would be too bad! I did that years ago and my mother was not impressed! I left the room and sat in the bedroom before returning to the freshly vacuumed lounge.

I couldn’t bring myself to sit and be in the way. I’m not that cruel. Alas, with our cleaner gone we are left to fend for ourselves. I have rediscovered the vacuum. I have located the cloths and cleaning products. How depressing!

When can we get another cleaner?

2 thoughts on “STAY and watch or LEAVE the room? The dilemma I face.

  1. I have a cleaning lady (and I am a teacher too). I work from home now since I have two young children, and I watch Rosa clean. I don’t get up and help (unless my kids toys are all over the floor). The only time I feel guilty is when I take a nap on the couch while she is cleaning…but not really that guilty! I just lift my feet when she comes by to vacuum! 🙂

    • We teachers have far too much to do in our normal days to be thinking about cleaning too. You have children too….. I have cats. Does that count? Ah, the guilt…. A little bit of guilt isn’t too bad. 🙂

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