eCards. Good or Bad?

Christmas cartoon card

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The decorations are down. The turkey has been eaten (finally). The Christmas card stack is still there, taking up space in my cupboard. What to do with them now?

I suppose I could do one of the following:

  • Make tags for next Christmas;
  • Burn them;
  • Recycle them;
  • Blank out the words and use them as my own cards (I wouldn’t….);
  • Send them back to my friends to re-use (Although it’s likely they would think I am mad) *Note: this one was not a serious suggestion.

In fact, with all these Christmas cards I will be making good use of them when I take them into school. My children will love making their own Christmas cards using the pictures. It does mean storing them somewhere until December and then actually remembering where I put them.

‘Real’ Christmas cards are so nice. I enjoy receiving them as it means that someone somewhere in the world has been thinking about me and cares about keeping in touch. That’s important.

I write my cards each year. I send about 50 cards out. It’s quite a task and quite a cost. But, the cost is worth it – in my opinion. As the years go by I receive more and more eCards in my ‘Inbox’. I am quite divided about my feelings on eCards. There are positives but plenty of negatives. Here’s what I think.

eCards (positives)

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cheaper than ‘real’ cards (No cards & no stamps).
  • Faster way of sending friends a message (No writing out all those addresses).

eCards (negatives)

  • They ‘feel’ impersonal (I imagine all ‘contacts’ were downloaded, syncronised and eCards were sent at the push of a button).
  • It just doesn’t seem the same. There are no cards to pop up around the house or to keep for years to come (I do like to keep certain cards).
  • eCards fill up the email Inbox and sometimes it seems that we already spend enough time behind the PC with work (and writing blogs) that the eCard can feel a little like Spam.
  • There are only so many times that you want to see little puppies, kittens and other cute fluffy animals tangling themselves up with Christmas lights in a ten minute animation.

How the times have changed. It does seem to be the case (certainly with my generation: the under 31s) that ‘real’ cards are less important and on the way out. There are less friends that send them on each year. I have even had Facebook greetings this year. I wonder what the future holds for Christmas greetings. Will Facebook have a ‘Festive Poke’ button to send to all contacts?

At the end of the day though it is the thought that counts and keeping in contact is the main thing.

2 thoughts on “eCards. Good or Bad?

  1. I have similar feelings about e-cards. While they are nice, there is just something about finding a greeting filled with love or friendship in the mailbox. Too often, it’s just junk mail and bills in there.

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