Merry Christmas Bloggers. (More wine and mince pies anyone?)

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It’s Christmas! I love Christmas! Christmas Day is always fab. I’m 31 years old, but I’ve woken up in my own bed at my mum’s house. (I do not live at home and I am not single….just before you start judging me). I am home visiting my family in England and it’s lovely.

Plans for the day:

  • Open presents (They were under the tree…. I do believe in Santa, I do……)
  • Watch the two most special people in the world open their presents.
  • Munch on chocolate when nobody is looking (Ssshhhhh, After Eights ARE allowed, it’s after 08:00).
  • Eat breakfast at approx 11:59 (That is still officially morning and so that’s acceptable).
  • Dig out the Christmas CD (Oh no…. Wham, Cliff and a bunch of 70s rock bands singing the same bunch of songs).
  • Assist with the Christmas lunch (It’s the blind leading the blind in the kicthen).
  • Phone the family (Merry Christmas to one and all).
  • Stay in pyjamas for as long as possible (Either that or until my Mum starts to make comments about my appearance).
  • Drink wine and finish dinner.
  • Eat dinner and drink wine.
  • Drink wine and eat Christmas pudding.
  • Drink wine and read the joke from the cracker…. (That old one).
  • Wear silly Christmas cracker hat…… (Check watch….) It’s nearly time.
  • 15:00 “Can everybody be upstanding?” (I would if it wasn’t for all those wines….) It’s time for the Queen’s Speech on TV.
  • ……The rest of the day blurs together like a happy dream. More wine to accompany the family and friends visiting. Perhaps some TV, some chatter and some games….

All in all, the day will be lovely. It’s such a shame that it’ll be over before it started. Only 365 days to go.

*This blog was written before Christmas Day on the wonderful Schedule timer. Just in case you were thinking that I was sitting in front of my computer at 09:00 on Christmas Day. Not a chance. I’ve got prezzies to open!!

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