An unforgettable ferry crossing.

Just when I thought that travelling by ferry to England couldn’t get any worse I ended up on DFDS ferries from Ijmuiden to Newcastle. It was the ferry that time forgot!

Once onboard and parked we found our luxurious 1x2m cabin (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…)

My all important first impressions were:
1. Plastic everywhere (what a classy bedroom/cabin/box).
2. Rust in the bathroom (5 stars this was not).
3. A bathroom so small that you can shower and sit on the toilet simultaneously (time efficient).

After dumping the bag (with overnight essentials) we headed off to explore the boat. 10 minutes later….we’d seen everything! It was time to get some cinema tickets. There’s nothing better on the overnight ferry than back-to-back to kill the time. ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘The A Team’ later we resurfaced and headed to the bar lounge.

Next it was time for an evening drink and some light entertainment. Oh boy, were we in for a treat. Our singer was the campest thing to come out Liverpool since Cilla. His hit list included ‘Is This The Way To Amarillo’….It was gonna be one of those nights.

Surrounded by an interesting crowd (an acquired taste). The rather large guy next to us enjoyed dry-humping each and every waitress that passed, dancing wildly from his seat, shouting out with his best Geordie accent (C’mon N’castle). It was like car crash entertainment!!! Where to look? What to laugh at next? I wasn’t expecting such an unmissable evening of entertainment. The Geordie decided it was time to take to the dancefloor and started some ‘interesting’ side-to-side shuffling, some crazy dancing then his best ballet routines against the bar surrounding the dancefloor. What a vision!

The ferry crossing certainly offered more than we initially expected.

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