Obsessed with snow

White Christmas

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Snow, snow, snow…. Delicate, white and pure.


No….It’s delicate. It brings a sense of calm and tranquility.

Or……………. More CHAOS!

While many people around the world embrace the inevitable snow that comes with this season called ‘Winter’, the Brits are beside themselves. Ah, something new for them to moan about. They wish and wish all year for a white Christmas, yet two days into snowy weather and they are all cursing the very mention of that ‘S’ word.

The news in the UK….It goes like this….

Main Headlines: “Snow has brought the country to a halt. The airports are shut. The roads are chaos!”

Sport: “Snow has disrupted many events across the country. (Oh, boo – No football…..)”

Transport: “Snow has brought the chaos to airports (Hadn’t we mentioned it? Well, we’re here to make you panic… So, the airports are shut! Motorways are looking more like white carparks”. (Stay indoors everyone. Chocolate and wine will help you cope).

…………..and now…. Weather………………

“It’s snowing out there!” (Really?)

So, what is the obsession with the white stuff? Why do the Brits love it, yet hate it? Why does the UK come to a grinding halt the moment there is 4 cm of snow laying on the ground? Forget WMD to attack the UK, or suicide bombers making long term plans….. All you need is a snow cannon and the country is crippled.

I love the snow! I think it’s fab! I’d happily watch it snow for months…

Here are some other little snowy and seasonal treats that I’ve recently blogged about…

The blog about the mad, crazy Dutch people who dare to cycle on the snow.

The blog about Santa (oh, bless him).

The blog about the biggest toy shop in the UK featuring ‘live animals’.

My Christmas Countdown (from the beginning of December)….. *Note to self… I must check how far I’ve got.

2 thoughts on “Obsessed with snow

  1. Jamie;
    I love the snow, too, but I moved to Las Vegas from Ohio to get away from snow. I just got sick and tired of shoveling it, driving in it, and trying to walk in it. I’m sure it’s because I’m just getting older, but it’s become a bother to me. So I’m kinda with the Brits on this one. And as for me, I’m happy just to watch it on TV or have a nice snow scene as my computer screen background.

    Happy Christmas!

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