How would I live without my present book?

I’m buying presents for 33 people this year! I’m shocked just typing it. I mentioned this the other day to a friend and they said that they buy presents for 3 people (what a difference). I love buying presents though. I love looking for something that will make someone smile. I have quite a big family. It comes from having 3 brothers, with wives (who have lots of children) and lots of cousins too.

It was thirteen years ago that I ‘stole’ my step-mum’s idea to keep track of my present buying using a book. It sounds simple, but actually works really well and has great benefits (especially when you have a memory as poor as mine). I used to jot down the things I had bought people on scraps of paper, but would lose them. So, what do I do?

  • List all the people you plan on buying stuff for (I do this around February/March time and add to it).
  • Buy the presents WHEN you see them (throughout the year). I usually start in July. It’s better to buy something you see and think “Oh, that’s perfect for……”, rather than go on the December panic buy!
  • Write the gifts in the book once purchased.
  • Tick them once wrapped because once you have all the presents for all those people you gotta make sure you’ve found them and wrapped them.

The great thing with this idea is that you can do the following:

  • You can keep track on the size and cost of presents for each person.
  • You’ll remember what you bought someone the year before. OK, you don’t wanna be buying them the same thing year on year. You probably won’t remember, but they might.
  • It’s fab to look years back and remember how times have changed. I love looking back and friends who’ve come and gone… Special times gone by. Family members no longer with us. Christmas celebrations of the past that I will always remember.

When I say I stole the idea…. It was more borrowed. It was 13 years ago that I saw my step mum’s book of presents. I flicked it open and looked back at 1983. It was so much fun reading the things that I’ve been given as a child.

I’m a sucker for memories.

6 thoughts on “How would I live without my present book?

  1. This is such a good idea. Buying presents for 33 people…you would have to keep track of them all! I had to buy present for about 20 people. At the moment, i just remembered one person i forgot to buy for! UGH! I though I finished it all yesterday, FAIL.

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