I was under the impression that window displays were an art form.

Shopping…..(let me just sit back and think about it)….Yes, I love it. I love shopping. I just zoned out for a second to think about what I could be buying right now. Oh, to have that credit card with the endless limit (and the paid-balance every month).

I enjoy a good trip into the city to shop around, but most of all to be lured in to each and every shop (store, my American friends) by the tempting window displays. Some window displays, especially at Christmas time, are amazing. The effort and time put into making them perfect in every way is clear to all. The shops clearly make a lot of money from them. Lure the customer in and they’ll be hooked, searching for anything they remember from the window.

Shopping in Cyprus was not like this. Well, that’s rather unfair actually as most of Cyprus is wonderful. I did venture to the capital city of this lovely Meditteranean island when I visted one summer. I thought I would take in some of the sights, do a spot of exotic shopping…….and came across these window displays!

Well,... "Hello Ladies!"

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