London Protests Go Too Far

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The news in England has been focussed on the student protests for some weeks now. It is true that in a country where freedom of speech is respected (most of the time), these students have a voice and should  be heard (irrespective of whether we agree or not). But, I do question the lengths to which they are going in order to put across their point.

During the last couple of days London has witnessed protests that have gone far beyond the boundaries of what is acceptable. In order to make yourself heard there is no reason to become violent or destructive. It is also clear from news footage that many ‘students’ are using the current issue simply to cause havoc and mayhem. Some people are happy to jump on the bandwagon and put a point across, which many I suspect do not understand.

The attack on the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall on their way to the Royal Variety Performance in London was shameless. I believe that by acting in this way towards people who are unrelated to the protest is outrageous and that those protesters deserve no respect.

Having an opinion and wanting to be heard, listened to and acknowledged is one thing. Attacking members of the royal family, vandalising National monuments such as the Cenotaph (at Whitehall) and those at Trafalgar Square should be condemned. No protester has the right to act this way! These actions show no respect for anyone other than themselves. They are so caught up in ‘their moment’ that they don’t think for a second that people witnessing such events and destruction will be hurt deeply.

I watch the TV is disbelief seeing how peaceful demonstrations have escalated into riots of vandalism and hate. It’s a sad state of affairs in London at the moment. No matter which view you take on the ‘issue’ that they are protesting over, it is the way in which people make themselves heard that matters.

It comes down to money in the end. But, how much money will be needed to repair the damage done during these protests? I expect that they don’t think about that.

2 thoughts on “London Protests Go Too Far

  1. Amen Brother! I am right there with you! America has seen its moments of riots and the distruction it brings. It does nothing but cost the tax payers more to fix the damage. It is like they are cutting their nose despite their face. The more money their ill behavior will cost, the less there is for what they are protesting about.

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