Festive Blogging Needs To Be Done – But How?

It’s such a busy time of the year. How can I find time to blog while I have so many other things to do? I am trying to juggle many things at once and have decided that blogging is more fun than Facebook. There are only so many times that you can find pleasure in poking people (so they say). The battle between blogging and Facebook has taken hold though. Who will become triumphant over Christmas and New Year? I’ll be heading off to England for Christmas soon. A few weeks of being looked after by Mum. Now THAT sounds like a great Christmas. Don’t panic though bloggers, bloggees….. (just what do I call you, my happy little readers)?? Well, I plan (and it’s a great plan), to write entertaining blogs that will appear in my absence. Clever? Well not really, but as this is all relatively new to me, I will claim that it’s something super.

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