I don’t want THAT much information!

More from mouthes of babes! More from my class. Sometimes, as a teacher, I wish I wasn’t given quite so much information.

Toilet stories were the big hit of the day.

Story #1: Telling it as it is.

I was walking around my room today when I heard “Hello?…………………..Hello?……..” A little voice from one of my class members was calling calmly from the adjoining toilets. I walked in to check that everything was ok.

“I’ve done a poo!” (he announced it with such pride).

“Are you ok then? Are you finished?” (I asked him, just to be sure).

“Yes”…………… there was a pause, then a moment where he appeared a little surprised, “Oh, no, here comes some wee…. But that’s OK! Wee on poo is OK!”

I stood….stunned. Lovely I thought. I’ve lost my appetite for lunch.

Story #2: Denial.

I could smell something wasn’t right. It’s that dreaded moment as a teacher that someone, and you don’t know who, has done something. (In their pants and not the toilet).

I sat next to one of the girls in the class. I suspected that it was her.

“Do you need the toilet?”

“No” she replied.

“Are you sure?” I asked, giving her that ‘I know’ look.

“I haven’t pooed……………I smell of strawberries!…..Not poo!”

With a look that only an angel could master I had to admire her. I had been told.

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