My kitchen disaster!

There are some memories from my university years that I will always treasure more than others. Funnily enough, not many of my ‘uni’ stories are study-related and why would they be? There was so much fun to be had. I left home and moved to university back in 1997. I lived in halls of residence (on-site) for my first year and with a couple for my second year. It was OK, but the third year was when it all changed. I moved in with two girls, Jenny and Gail, and then began the most entertaining two years!

Living away from home, I felt so grown up. I’d exhausted my simple rota of pasta dishes, ready-made curry and beans on toast. What more could I feed myself? I was surviving though and enjoying independence.

The three of us in the house were quite a combination and that ensured that we never had a dull moment. One particular weekend I decided that it would be time to do some shopping and so Gail and I headed out to the local ‘out-of-town’ shopping park. For some reason I’d got it into my head that we ‘needed’ a blender. All homes should have one and if I was to increase my range of cooking skills it would be a welcome addition to our kitchen.

We wandered around the huge superstore checking out various models of food mixers, blenders and other kitchen appliances. Being the ‘expert’ that I am (haha), I picked the one with the nicest colour… Happy with the choice and convinced that it would change our lives for the better, we headed home.

Being as sweet-toothed as I am, I couldn’t wait to get all the bits together to make a milkshake. We lived behind Tesco (a huge supermarket) and were soon whizzing around with our trolley grabbing ice-cream, chocolate, fudge and other sweet ingredients.

Back at the house, the blender was unpacked, rinsed and plugged in within seconds. Gail and I, now giggling like over-excited children began to add ice-cream to the blender. I had some of my mum’s home-made fudge sauce to add too. In it went! Next, in went the fudge chunks and some chocolate. This was not going to be a healthy shake!

It looked fab! It smelt fab! We were really pleased with our work…..and no recipe had been needed. Ha! It was time to get this new little baby working. I clicked the jug in place and fitted the lid. It all seemed so simple. It was all plugged in and ready to go. Setting 1 was working. Setting 2 kicked off with great energy and then I whizzed it up to top speed. Customer satisfaction at its best! The blender was doing its work! Milkshake tasting time was almost upon us.

In my over-excitement, I was maybe a little too eager to try my milkshake. I was rather caught up in the moment and grabbed the blender by the handle and twisted. It was a tight fit (must have been because it was new). I pulled hard and twisted again… which point the jug lifted clean off….disconnecting the base of the jug rather the jug from the machine! Within seconds the entire contents had poured out of the bottom of the jug and were pouring over the blender machine and across the kitchen work top! It all happened in slow-motion. Gail and I were transfixed. Our beloved fudge milkshake was escaping!

In a frantic attempt to save it, we grabbed the empty ice cream container and attempted to scrape as much from the worktop – rather unsuccessfully I might add. That was when we started to laugh. “Save the milkshake!” One look at each other and we couldn’t contain our laughter. I think it was around this moment that Jenny, hearing all the kitchen commotion, walked in with a look of horror and disbelief!

What a disaster! But what fun! OK, it was a huge mess but the remains of the milkshake tasted great! I must confess that I did read the blender manual after that….Just in case.


5 thoughts on “My kitchen disaster!

  1. The OCD in me can only think of the sticky mess you had to clean up and the days of your shoes sticking to the floor no matter how many times you mopped… as you can tell the same friggin’ thing has happened to me. Thanks for the Monday laugh! 🙂

  2. Oh, mamma mia, I can just imagine the mess. It happens to the best cooks don’t worry. I once tried making dulce de leche at home and ended up getting sticky caramel all over the kitchen and that kept my husband busy the whole day cleaning it up!:) I wonder how made your spaghetti. I’m Italian so I’m curious how British people would cook pasta.

    • We (the Brits) probably cook is badly wrong. Boil the water. Add the pasta (+salt), bring to the boil, them simmer for 10 minutes.
      I was once told to cook it until it would stick to the wall. Advice?

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