Now THAT is a good excuse #1

All teachers hear excuses. The excuses are part of the teacher-child-parent relationship in our day-to-day role. I enjoy a good excuse, espcially if it seems a great deal of thought has gone into it.

This was an excuse from a parent (via the telephone).

School Office: “Hello”.

Parent: “Hi, my daughter can’t come into school today.”

School Office: “I’m sorry to hear that. Can I ask why?”

Parent: “We can’t get the electric gates open!”


Not necessarily the gates in question, but imagine they would be just like these.


Oh, how the other half live!


5 thoughts on “Now THAT is a good excuse #1

  1. Here’s one I got recently (not edited): “excuse my kid for not being there. i ben busy cuz i got some task to do and the kid and his brother they didn’t do so good gettin’ to school by themselfs. sorry.” Getting through an electric gate was clearly not one of her tasks.

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