One VERY relaxed cat

Cooper decides to have a nice relaxing sleep…. In the most interesting position.

The other day I walked into my bedroom to see where Cooper was. He’s our very sweet, but rather wild cat. (The one likely to lunge at you any moment). Perhaps he was hiding ready to leap from behind the door…? Not this time. He’d obviously decided to take himself off to the bedroom to enjoy a little sleep on the bed.

I am not sure if all cats sleep like this, but our other cat, Fudge, never does. I found myself turning my head sideways to try and work out where is legs were and where they SHOULD be. Bless him! I couldn’t miss the photo opportunity.

2 thoughts on “One VERY relaxed cat

  1. He’s a cutie! My cat sleeps in some strangely twisted positions, but I don’t think he’s ever achieved this one. While looking at the photo, I found myself doing the same as you described… tilting my head and trying to figure out how he got his legs all pretzeled up like that!

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