Sinterklaas -vs- Santa Claus

It’s a busy old time here in The Netherlands…..Sinterklaas is doing the rounds and will soon be heading home. Next it’ll be Santa flying around to visit all the good girls and boys (including me, I’ve been really good this year) ūüėČ

But, time for a dilemma…. Just who’s who? Sint or Santa? What’s the difference? Here’s the low-down on all you need to know about Sinterklaas (the origin of Santa) -vs- Santa himself.

I hope you found that informative? Learn anything new? Who’s your favourite? I looked into the two different characters and found out some interesting facts:

  • Santa Claus has developed from the Sinterklaas figure (starting way back with Saint Nicholas, who was actually from Turkey).
  • Santa, as he is now known, is pretty much an American development that took elements of Sinterklaas and Father Christmas (a traditional person who wore green and did ‘good’ for children, bringing gifts at Christmas).
  • It was a guy called Thomas Nast, a German-born American, who made one of the original images of ‘Santa’ as we now know him. (This all happened in the 19th century).
  • The American tradition is that Santa lives at the North Pole, wheras Father Christmas is said to¬†live in the¬†mountains of Korvatunturi in Lapland Province, Finland.

I love how traditions change and evolve over centuries. I wonder what Sint and Santa will be like hundreds of years from now? Welcome to the digital Christmas….

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