My Christmas Countdown

Panic stations!! Christmas is nearly here! I’m not ready…I thought I was, but I’m not.

OK, I must keep calm. There can’t be that much that needs doing. Or is there?

  1. Cards! I haven’t written the cards. Major task to do.
  2. Check who I haven’t bought prezzies for (I have a book to check ’em off – It shouldn’t be too difficult).
  3. Book the tickets for getting to and from England. Gotta be in England to enjoy Christmas with the family.
  4. Make my ‘Tesco’ wishlist. (Part of the joys of living overseas. Having cravings for things that you can only get ‘back home’).
  5. Wrap the presents (the ones I have managed to buy).
  6. Make Christmas crafts with the children (times that by 25 children and Christmas takes on a whole new meaning). The joys of teaching. šŸ™‚
  7. Sing and dance (oh yes) lots of songs to 3 and 4 year olds in preparation for a sing-along for mums, dads and more.
  8. Panic
  9. Play in the snow (there’s enough of it around).
  10. Panic some more.
  11. Wonder if I have missed anything off the list? (Have I?)

HELP!!!………………and breathe….

One thought on “My Christmas Countdown

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