It’s all about the name.

Names are so important. When it comes to brands, the name should reflect the product and inform customers. When I published the story about the Freitag shop that I visited in Zürich this summer a friend messaged me saying that a friend of his had also visited an equally interesting shop. I looked at the picture and agree that it is definitely worth sharing with you all.

What do you think they sell in a place like this?

This cannot be good marketing. I doubt they have a rush on to sell products. What happens when it comes to SALE time?

‘Sale on now. All shit must go!’. Well, that’s my idea. I don’t think that I am one for working in marketing, but even I know that they got it wrong here.

I also came across another shop name which made me laugh a little.

Oh, oh no! It’s too bad for words. What a strange world it is out there. This next shop sounds no better.

I'm sure it's lost in translation.

To go add to the bunch, I thought I’d share a picture from my travels around Europe. This was a little place near Bern, Switzerland’s capital city. It really exists…and my TomTom (satellite navigation system) confirmed it.

Names really are so important! :))

4 thoughts on “It’s all about the name.

  1. Names really ARE so important! But then again, how to you explain the success of Ugg footwear? The name doesn’t paint a pretty picture, and if I were to be honest, I don’t think their designs are all that attractive either.

    I’m really not sure what one might purchase in the Shit store. I’m envisioning a vengeful clientelle searching for things to annoy their least favorite people in the world 🙂

  2. I love this post! The Sh*t store is my favorite, since that is what I usually call stuff I buy! I am so glad those across the pond have such a realistic point of view. I think every WALMART in the US should change its name to that. 🙂

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