Waking with a shock!

19 11 2010

I was really tired when I woke up this morning. It’s not a great feeling, starting a Friday feeling tired. When I went to bed last night I thought it would be time for a long sleep. If only…

At about 01:30 (ish) I awoke in shock and shot up out of bed. My head was wet and freezing cold!

Cooper, my darling little 7 month old kitten, who had been sleeping on the bed had decided it was time for a wander. He’d gone on his little walk and crept along the shelf/headboard by my pillow. There was my refreshing glass of water which he ended up knocking and tipping over my entire head and pillow!

With a cold wet head I begrudgingly got up, fetched towels and returned to dry the area. There was my sleep pattern ruined.

He had better not try any of those tricks tonight!



5 responses

19 11 2010
sue talai

It could have been worse jamie . . . I thought he’d done wee wee’s!!!

19 11 2010

True! But they wouldn’t have been cold. (phew)

20 11 2010

I feel sorry for the kitty. You must have scared him to death with your shenanigans. Geezus. LOL


29 11 2010

omg i thought you were going to say he peed on you. LOL glad THAT didn’t happen!

30 11 2010

Another of my friends also thought the story was going in that direction too. No, I can’t even bear to think of what THAT would have been like.

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