William and Kate: The royal engagement.

As it was number 29 on my list (for proof, click here) I think it only right that I join in with the ‘wedding fever’ and say “Wahooooo! Finally!” I am genuinely pleased that the William and Kate will be getting married, finally…in the Spring or Summer of 2011. It has been a long time coming. When I got home from work yesterday I switched on the TV and saw the announcement for the first time.

Living as an expat (I’m a Brit in The Netherlands for those of you who didn’t know) I often find myself in a little bubble of my own, totally detached from reality of life back in the UK. It is not a problem, as such, but it can mean that day-to-day chat here doesn’t cover the same things as the ‘word on the street’ back home. That is one of the things I do miss about being away from home.

The ‘First TV interview’ with the happy couple (Will and Kate…just in case you thought I’d lost my thread) was great viewing. I really enjoyed watching them talk together and answer personal questions about their time together. It was a refreshing interview with a member (and future member) of the British Royal Family. They sounded normal. I liked that. In fact, William was the one who actually sounded more down to earth out of the two. Chatting about the posters that they each had on their bedroom walls when they were younger made me laugh. Kate telling the world that she had “the Levi guy (sorry Will, not you)” on her wall was a classic line.

The news item, the proposal, the interview and everything with it will be forever captured in history. In 30 years time that same interview will be replayed and discussed time and time again on TV. I am glad I saw it go out live. The royal engagement does have similarities with the engagement of William’s mum, Diana to Prince Charles. I was astounded that the same engagement ring had been used and thought it was a fantastic idea and gesture. I just couldn’t believe that the royal family has gone with the idea. I read in a news article today that comparisons were being made between Kate and Diana… Was it coincidence that they both wore royal blue dresses for the announcement of their engagements? Blue to match the ring… Kate even sounded similar to Diana (or so I thought). The difference being that they are better matched. They love each other; they have lived together and they are not a generation apart. I hope that the marriage lasts…They will be the most famous royal couple.

I am looking forward to next year. I have never been in London at the time of a royal wedding and can’t wait to be there celebrating with millions of others. I’ll have my flag at the ready! I predict August for the wedding. I will be surprised if it’s earlier. I also think the venue will be Westminster Abbey (where the Queen got married). Diana and Charles married in St. Paul’s and that would just be too much of a coincidence… Don’t tempt fate!

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