Stop picking, you dirty man!

Warning: This blog must not be read at mealtimes.

OK. Perhaps we all do it…Some are more discreet that others, that’s for sure. Why am I even blogging about this? Well, yesterday I was driving in my car and heading home from a busy day when I stopped at the lights and looked in my rear-view mirror to see the driver behind (40s, slightly balding, business/smart casual attire) digging around in his nose. He was really going for it: Having a good old pick. He could give those Chilean miners a run for their money. At the rate he was going he should have been part of the rescue mission in Chile. Please note that I cannot confirm, for my more avid readers, whether he ate it.

Why do people think that they are invisible when they are in their cars? Cars have windows! Windows are clear! (Unless of course you are a chav – in which case the windows are probably blacked out or have so many soft toys hanging about that people cannot see in). I am sure that people think that the second they step into their car they become invisible. Note to all public: Cars do not act as an invisibility clock. People sing and dance with the steering wheel, they chat and text on their mobiles and do a whole host of things…but picking noses is the worst.

I had to laugh at the guy behind me though. I had one of those moments when you see something, you think ‘Oh, gross!’, but you find yourself looking away then checking the scene again and again.

I am so glad the lights went green!

2 thoughts on “Stop picking, you dirty man!

  1. Hi
    just found your blog today via Terri’s Little Corner and I love it!
    I love this post about things that people do in the car. I’ve witnessed people doing lots of things in their car and you have a point: do they think we can’t see them?
    Now subscribed to your blog
    have a great weekend!

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