Children say it as it is…

Being a teacher is extremely rewarding. Watching children learn and develop from September to July is something I find very hard to explain. But, it’s the day-to-day ‘moments’ that make the job priceless. Children say the funniest things! They say it as it is. They don’t mince their words. I wish I’d written down more comments at the time…. But here are some things I have heard from my children over the last 10 years.

One of the ‘joys’ of teaching is losing your voice. I went into school one Friday still with a croaky voice and spoke with my Year 1 class.

Child: Guess what day it is tomorrow?

Me: A day for me to get better (referring to my lack of voice)

Child: Why?

Me: My voice and throat are not so well.

Child: (clearly thinking carefully) Well just copy my voice and then you’ll get a voice back again.

(If only life were that simple).


Register time took an interesting and unexpected turn one morning.

Child: (talking to me) Good morning Mr Nipples.

His friend: (turning to the first child) You can’t call the teacher Mr Nipples.

Me: Thank you….

Child: (answering his friend) Well… he has nipples,…… wears nipples…….

Me: Ok, let’s move on…..

(There’s no point in dwelling on a moment like this…especially when you want to laugh).


Listening in to children’s conversations…….

Child: Jesus is actually God’s son.

Friend: (looking pensive) Hmmm….but nobody knows.

(Rather deep and meaningful…)


Geography and History not a strong point.

5 year old boy: Venice was flooded a long time ago…. and it’s a true story. A lot of people died! But, now it’s not flooded anymore.


Out of the blue. A 6 year old girl came up to me with something important to tell.

Child: Do you know…….love is really powerful!

(I couldn’t put it better myself).


Another deep and meaningful chat…. How old are they? I thought they were Year 1.

Child: ………………if you go to heaven.

Friend: Yeah, but what about if you go to hell?

Child: Hmmmmm, but let’s just explore heaven.

Friend: But, every planet in the solar system has its own heaven.

(I wasn’t getting involved).

More to come in the near future…

3 thoughts on “Children say it as it is…

  1. Absolutely priceless! Yes, please do provide more in the (near) future! Kids can be so precious……….but also entertaining and hilarious, with their unique view of the world. Nice post!


  2. Teaching can be hilarious…I’m not a teacher but I’ve done some English teaching to kids (in Italy). One of my favorites is when, as usual, at the end of the lesson I said: ‘see you next week’ and a kid replied ‘yes, I want some Nesquik too’! :))

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