One of the biggest insults to women.

After a busy week at work I was looking forward to a Friday night out on the town. Some friends from work were performing at a ‘gig’ in the centre of The Hague and so we (the supporting friends and colleagues) were heading there to listen, clap and cheer! The evening was great. Live music, drinks for all and the chance to catch up with friends.

As the evening drew on and people drank more they also started to vocalise their thoughts a little too freely and that’s when I heard all the commotion. There was a man in his mid to late 40s drinking in the bar looking a little worse for wear. He had drunk enough to think he was now a big hit with the ladies. The only problem was that his brain had obviously left the building.

In his attempt to flirt and impress one of my friends he approached her and started chatting. He thought she had a lovely, warm glow about her and so her thought he would let her know.

“Hi, you look really good. You have a nice glow about you….Are you pregnant?”


(Oh shit).

What a disaster. It’s like car-crash conversation taking place. The moment he said it he must have been wishing a hole would appear in the floor to save him from his fate.

My friend is not pregnant. She does not even look pregnant. Why he thought that would be a compliment is anyone’s guess. I have to admit that she and the group were very forgiving. A bottle of Champagne was ordered as ‘compensation’ and an apology. Not bad!

Note to all men: Never ask if a woman is pregnant until you are 110% sure. It’s a dangerous guessing game.

8 thoughts on “One of the biggest insults to women.

  1. I have to share that my father has made this mistake in the past and he was completely horrified…. he asked the woman at the cash of a local store when she was due….she replied “Never”… in his defense she was at least a little fluffy…but it is true unless you actually SEE a baby emerging from the woman’s lower region it is best not to comment or question!!!!

  2. The worst is when you’re on the tube or the bus and an ambiguously large woman gets on…am I a schmuck if I stay seated? am I a schmuck if I offer her my seat? What do I do? What’s the modern man’s correct response?!

    I’ve got it wrong at least twice that I know of, once when someone else stood up and the response was “thank you, at least SOMEONE has some decency!” and once when, yes, she wasn’t pregnant and I got an icy “no, thank you, it’s not necessary” in reply… ouch.

  3. @chris I think it is always polite to at least off the seat to any woman, overweight, pregnant, elderly, or with her child/ren 🙂 Even if they refuse at least you tried and it’s all about good karma and positivity!

  4. I, unfortunately, have a similar cringe story of my own. I was 26 years old with my beautiful, high school sweetheart wife. She was 6 months pregnant with our first child and we were both very excited and in love. After several hours shopping for baby products in a large department store we stepped into an elevator. A woman who appeared to be in her early 30’s, sporting a similar baby bump smiled and asked us when the baby was due. After some friendly converstion I was absolutely convinced she was pregnant and thought it safe to ask “are you pregnant”. OMG! FOOL! I will never in my life forget the look on the poor woman’s face. She was shell shocked and said no. I apologised profusely but this obviously had the opposite affect and just hightened the embarassment. Dear god, I was glad when the elevator door opened and we could escape. So, lesson learnt and I’m in complete agreement with you. LOL

  5. He he, I made a fool out of myself once many ears ago. My nextdoor neighbour was a lot older than me and merried to a woman the same age as me. She had a sister that was a bit big, while the wife was think. Problem was the looked very much a like. And one day I met the wifes sister in the elevator and though that was the wife. Since I thought she was the wife I thought she had added a lot of pounds since I last saw her. And so I asked: Are you pregnant? Eh… No she said and looked a bit hurt. Later on I met the actual wife. She was still thin as usual. And I realised my mistake. Oooops!

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