My cat thinks he’s a dog.

This is Cooper.

Meet Cooper. He’s seven months old and so full of energy. After a couple of months of him going crazy inside we couldn’t wait to get the door open and let him explore the world outside. He chats to the birds (Have you heard cats talking?  It’s a weird sound) and he enjoys the odd stand-off with the neighbourhood dogs. It’s quite amusing watching him approach dogs twice his size. Bless…. He just doesn’t get it. We have one very brave cat here. Mind you… Is it bravery or stupidity?

He chases leaves; he plays Fetch with balls of paper and follows us around everywhere. It has now got to the stage where we cannot leave the house on foot as whenever we walk along the street he walks along by our side. There’s a limit to how far we want him to go. We had a street party a couple of weekends ago, in the park next our apartment, and he followed us there too. We chatted to neighbours and friends and noticed Cooper mingling with the crowd too. Cooper the socialite.

I thought taking the bike this morning would be an easier way to leave him at home. I jumped on the bike, left the apartment and peddled along the streets. I heard that familiar sound – Cooper’s miaow! I turned to see him bounding along the middle of the street after me at full speed. I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s an eager cat. Of course, I did a u-turn and he followed me straight home. With him locked inside I was able to get away.

So, what next? Maybe it’s time we start taking him for walks?

3 thoughts on “My cat thinks he’s a dog.

  1. Cooper is adorable! My cat Chance (the “Jewish cat”) talks to the birds, too. It’s such a cute, and yet funny sound, isn’t it? Cooper sounds like such a bundle of joy and fun. Good luck with him! I’m sure he’ll bring you lots of love! Thanks for sharing his story and photo, and thanks for stopping by my site. =) Pleaase feel free to come back and visit again, from time to time!

    Shari Lopatin

    • Cooper is quite special. He leaps into the car every day that I arrive home. He loves walking around the steering wheel, under the seats and into the back. One day I swear I’ll get to work and he’ll jump out from the back of the car.

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