An unexpected evening

Saturday night. There’s something special about it. It has that ’je ne sais quoi’ about it. No work, just play…. In my twenties a Saturday night included the traditional visit to a club. London, Birmingham, anywhere as long as there was music to dance to (not that my dancing is appreciated by the masses). Of course internet fever had not gripped the world as tightly as it has now. What happened to the nights out? Somehow Saturday nights seem much more entertaining with friends at home. I’ve somehow been transformed into the generation of ‘older’ people. Am I one of those? Well, just when I thought I might have to question my youthfulness I had a most unexpected evening…

The drinks were flowing, the conversation was great! A nice Saturday evening meal at home with friends. After a week of teaching children some ‘me’ time is just what’s needed. What better way to relax than to watch TV…  Tame as evenings go…. But after a bit of TV and more wine the conversation turned to Chat Roulette. “What’s that all about?” That was it. Once you slip down that very slippery slope into the ‘eye-popping’ world of Chat Roulette there is no return.

The laptop was on and soon we were searching the online world of entertainment. It can’t be that bad we thought. Harmless fun chatting to random strangers around the world. It seemed so simple. Camera on? Check. Microphone on? Check. Clothes on? Check. The world isn’t quite ready… The four of us were keen to chat (the wine was working). The system randomly selected another user somewhere on Planet Earth and that was it. No warning. You end up faced with a guy in a darkened room staring straight back at you. There’s a moment of stunned silence. We waved. Perhaps the camera was stuck? Perhaps he couldn’t see us? He waved back! OK, perhaps it was drink or perhaps the fact that we’d been transported back to being giggly teenagers, but we clicked in SKIP so fast. There must be someone interesting to connect to. There was. We linked up with some girls in France and Norway, guys in the UK. Once you get into chatting it’s quite good fun. That’s why it came as such a shock when our next ‘chatter’ was slightly less dressed and rather too busy with himself to chat back! Maybe that’s what people log on for? Maybe it’s ‘guys like that’ that are making the site hit the news headlines? We were caught by surprise to say the least and quickly skipped on to someone new.

The whole idea is quite surreal. You can chat or type or both. Most of the time we found ourselves waving and trying to keep ourselves a quiet as possible. It’s a game of who will keep quiet longest…. So, we’ve had our first chat session. I’m not sure the four of us will recover or be able to forget some of the images that we saw that night. To the people in France, Norway and the UK thank you – you made our first evening on Chat Roulette lots of fun. I have a strange feeling I might be back there soon.

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